Blueprint for Hiring

“Our work with Collins Consulting and their Profile tool has helped us turn what used to be a crap shoot (hiring) into a powerful strategic advantage.”
Martin Thoma, Thoma Thoma Creative

It is often said that hiring the right person is like: “A roll of the dice, Russian Roulette or Blind luck.” Through the use of the proper assessment tools and with years of experience and success, Collins Consulting, Inc. can help take some of the “gamble” out of hiring.

Good hiring practice involves the use of multiple skills, tools and patience. Working through a standardized hiring procedure and searching for the best candidate for the job takes diligence and time. Collins Consulting, Inc. (CCI) can save the employer time, money and frustration throughout the hiring process. Excellence in creating a thorough job description, interviewing, and employee and pre-employment assessments are only a few of the tools CCI has to offer.

Assessment tools include:
• Profile Evaluation System
• Before You Hire
• Personality Profile
• Sales Pro

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