Blueprint for Leadership Development

“One good measurable result of the Effective Personal Productivity program was that as a result of concentrating more on high payoff activities, I was able to accomplish 5 of the 10 goals I set at the beginning of the course before I completed the course.”
Scott McElmurray, Bank of Little Rock Mortgage Corp.

What does it mean to be in a position of leadership? Are you a Developer? Are there members of your team with the potential to become Leaders or Developers?

According to research by Donald Clark (1997), people want to be guided by leaders whom they respect and who have a clear sense of direction. Leaders also utilize methods that maximize time, increase productivity, and empower employees.

We facilitate the following training modules that can be used by groups or in individual coaching settings:
• MyTyme Training
• Effective Personal Productivity
• Effective Supervisory Management
• Effective Communication
• Effective Selling Strategies

Collins Consulting, Inc. would like to partner with you as you learn to lead and develop your human resources to success. Contact us to learn how to qualify for free enrollment in one of the above training sessions.

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