Blueprint for Life Balance

.Are you stressed, frustrated, or dissatisfied with your career or life choices? Do you feel out of balance? Are you struggling to rekindle your passion and enthusiasm? Sorting out what is most important to you now, what new directions you want to take, and what skills are needed to get there can be a daunting task.

However, you can experience renewed balance, enthusiasm and productivity. You can take back the control of your time and reduce the stress, leaving more room for the things that contribute to your health, relationships, and peace of mind.

Collins Consulting, Inc. is expanding to better serve our valued clients. We are pleased to announce the addition of REFLECTIONS Coaching for Life Balance with Donna McSpadden Collins.

Donna specializes in creating sensitive and intelligent plans to expand your potential and awaken new possibilities. She will partner with you to explore the challenging directions that may open before you.

We invite you to begin a new relationship today with the most important person in your world: you. Contact REFLECTIONS Coaching by calling 501.661.9144 or emailing Donna at


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